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Welcome True Value Store Owners

New to chick selling?  Check out our videos below or click here!

Chris Huseman has had the pleasure of showcasing and consulting about chicks and ducks at the True Value Spring and Fall markets for more than five years.  The Wild Goose Farms is happy to partner with you and bring the joy of offering your customers live chickens, ducks, turkeys and more!  We utilize a variety of resources to help ensure the breeds you want are available when you want them.  We utilize a network of sources to ensure the quickest delivery of live birds by specifically coordinating delivery from the most ideal hatchery closest to your store's location.

We offer the convenience of bill through via the True Value system.  Our partnership is rooted in a mutual commitment to ensure your customers are afforded the very best experience in owning chicks!  You will always remember the smiles and joy of your customers when they first see these small balls of fluff happily chirping in your store.  As well, your customers are always going to remember the day they bought their first chickens or ducks from your store!

Our 2017 Breed Availability & Price listing is here:  2017

Chick care tips can be found by clicking here:  This is some good information to post at your store or give to your customers.

We strongly suggest you post the following flyer from the CDC:  CDC Chick Handling Flyer

You can fax in your form to (573) 655-0099 or call Chris to place your order at (217) 316-0172.

When your chicks arrive - do not throw away the box!  First take the shipping/packing label from inside the box, under the lid, or under the chick pads.  This will give you important information you should keep on file to include the hatchery name the chicks were shipped from, it's NPIP information and more.

The Wild Goose Farms is happy to facilitate the ordering and delivering of chicks to your True Value store! We ensure the most efficient delivery and in-stock quantities of breeds you want. Below prices exclude shipping. Prices are for pullets (female chicks.) 25 minimum per breed.

Ordering is Simple!

  1. Choose Your Quantity.
  2. Choose Your Breeds.
  3. Choose Your Delivery Dates.

From 5 years of experience attending the True Value Markets, we suggest the following:

- Choose 3 to 4 different breeds - Most stores just starting with chicks begin with 100 chicks. Some stores do two different orders/delivery dates, ordering 100 birds for each date.
- The most common weeks are always the week before and the week after Easter.
-25 birds per breed as a minimum -Your customers most likely only want female chicks

We also offer options for: -Looping video to play at your store educating & entertaining customers about raising chicks -Videos on setting up your store for chick sales -Posters to promote your upcoming chick arrivals -Consultation on marketing & promoting your chick sales



Below are some of the most common breeds customers will ask for.  If you need any breed other than the below listed, just call us!  We have access to over 100 breeds of chickens, ducks, geese and more!

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